Battle Report - Team Training

Imperial Fists & Space Wolves vs. Blood Angels & Grey Knights
This last weekend, Tom and I had a rare and fun opportunity to test out our new team list against a veteran player who is a tournament organizer at our local friendly game store. With our fantastic success using Land Raiders and Terminators at the last tournament, we thought we'd build upon that list for this event as well. With the split force org. required for this event, it's one of the few competitive builds we can throw out there. The force org. looks something like this:

1250 Points Per Player, 2 Players Per Team. Army List Required

Modified Army Composition
Player A:
1 HQ
1-4 Troops
0-1 Elites
0-1 Fast Attacks
0-2 Heavy

Player B:
1 HQ
1-2 Troops
0-2 Elites
0-2 Fast Attacks
0-1 Heavy
So, by taking Wolf Guard Terminators as troops with Logan, I can focus on the one thing my codex does best, Assault Terminators! Tom and I managed to concoct a way to take 3 Land Raiders while meeting the requirements, as well. So, we wanted to throw this list up against a tougher player to see how veteran opponents might take it on and here's how it unfolded....


Battle Report - Team Shenanigans Tournament

Our first opponents

Well, a couple of odd things happened that made for an awesome tournament. Firstly, I'd like to thank 'LittleSilverGuys' for his great advice on our intended list. Upon further examining our vulnerabilities, we decided to change our list entirely. So, in the spirit of the event, we tooled our lists out to field nearly 20 Terminators and 2 Land Raiders. We placed second overall in the event, so it worked out well for us. Read on for more.