Bardus Tactica: Guest Tactics on Psychers

Librarians & You: An Intermediate Guide to Psykers in 6th Edition

Hello Internet! I'm Creed and I have been playing Warhammer 40k for about 6 months. In that time I've spent countless hours lurking in forums, watching the hobby/tactics channels on YouTube, and building my Space Wolves Great Company as well as my 3rd Company of Iron Knights Space Marines. Like many of you, I have just gotten my hands on the new Space Marine codex and dove right in to see what cool new updates we have. While I was studying the new codex and re-reading my rulebook, a thought occurred to me; what if there are better ways to use psykers in general and Librarians in particular in 6th edition?


New Tactical Box: New Custom Combi-Weapon

Having a closer look at the new Tactical Marines box, there's a new surprise for us. It features a new customizable Combi-Weapon. There's half a bolter, along with each piece to make it into any Combi-Weapon. With some clever use of magnets, you could have any gun you'd like right at hand. A pretty nifty bonus, but if you're after them in spades, look to the Sternguard Veteran box. Check them all out on the Space Marine Pre-orders page.