40k Mentioned in Family Circus

It looks like we 40k fans (and Dawn of War fans) got a treat for Halloween from Family Circus with a brief mention. I do have to say, of all the newspaper comics, Family Circus is the last one I'd expect to see any 40k reference in.


Special Ops: Killzone - Your Army Featured!

It's that time, again. Hot on the heels of a new addition come the updated rules for Spacial Ops: Killzone along with a chance to have your army featured! How about that? Look through the fresh rules and see your own kill team looking back at ya. I've always been a fan of the set, especially after Games Workshop chose to, in my opinion, over simplify the rules. Here's a set based on 2nd and the more recent 4th edition iterations that plays very tight and is a natural lead in to some great narrative skirmishes. So, while I've been a fan for some time, I'll allow Big Jim (its creator) to speak for those of you who are just hearing about this.