A Casting Conundrum

Cup cast!

After much trial, tribulation, and at last, great reward, I decided it was time I shared about my casting experiences. Some time ago, Dustin and I picked up an Alumilite starter set. After some quick skimming and asking around, I found out it was the most recommended set for a beginner. You do need a scale and some other ancillary equipment to use it as instructed. From there, the learning really began.


Let's Read: Codex Space Marines Part 1


Well, after having some time to digest the new Space Marine codex, I've decided that it's value can best be ascertained by looking backward to the 5th edition book first. To better see where we're going, it's important to know where we've been. So, with that said, let's jump in and have a look.

I'm gonna run down through some key points that interested me as I did in Let's Read Sixth Edition and I'll probably be even more direct than I had been there. These are just observations that I've made, myself. How useful they may be to you, if at all, may vary. With that in mind, let's have a look at the outside of the book.


Space Wolf Game Revealed

The little blurbs we heard about this game months ago have finally turned into something altogether more tangible. Today we have an announcement trailer for the game that shows off something reminicient of Chaos Gate and XCom. I can't wait to see more!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkey Day in Borderlands 2

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Take today to be thankful for your friends and loved ones and for the amazing year of hobby goodness! :D


KickStarter: Mega Mat

One of the prototype Mega Mats in action.

The gentlemen over at Frontline Gaming and TABLEWAR have just kicked off a fantastic new KickStarter. They've unveiled a new product called Mega Mat. These are mats made of mouse pad material that have detailed terrain printed on top of them. Not only do they resist sliding and wrinkling, but they're also very water resistant as well! These are the perfect topper for every wargamers' table. Check out some more details below and be sure to hop on their KickStarter, as well.


Battle Summary: Space Marines vs Dark Eldar

Here, I have my last recorded game with 5th edition Space Marines. Dustin and I played this match on the day we had a TV pilot recorded at The Haven. Unfortunately, it's not yet been picked up as far as I know. But, here's our fight anyway. This was, as you can tell some time ago now, so my summations will be brief based on what I remember.

 Here's our table set up with objectives, the glass beads, and some slick Necron-esque terrain. We picked the back corner of the game room as the lighting favored video recording and there would be space for a camera crew to maneuver. This would pay off later.


Veteran's Day 2013

Have a happy Veteran's day. Please thank a Veteran for their service.

And remember the million Imperial Guard Veteran squads who were lost to the Imperium in 5th edition. ;)


Farseer Report: Summer 2014

Having had some time to soak in 6th edition, the new Space Marines codex, and even Sentinels of Terra, I have a good inclination as to what we may see next summer. Cities of Death!


Flash-Gitz Animation

Hey everyone. I thought I'd take some time to give Flashgitz some due coverage. If you haven't heard of these guys yet, you should definitely check them out. They have a hilarious weekly comic as well as some awesome cartoons on YouTube. However, none of their material is safe for work. I repeat, NSFW!


Farseer Report: Spring 2014 - Edited

The end is nigh, for Armageddon approaches! But first, let's play some catch-up and see how my last predictions landed.

For those unfamiliar, I've made it a small theme of my writings to occasionally predict the near future of the hobby based on its current ebb and flow. Now mind you, I'm not being fed any specific rumors. These are simply my opinions of what will happen based on general rumor flow, current releases, and common sense.


The Big Game III Spokane: A Big Writeup

Well, a couple months on and the dust has long since settled. The Big Game III was a major success and everyone involved had a blast. Being relatively new to Apocalypse despite a 5 year tenure in 40k, I made the decision to get some help running the game. Now, to say help run the game is a bit of an over statement of my duties. I helped to set up and organize the event, but with the little to no experience I had, I didn't want folks looking to me for answers in how to work the game.


Bardus Tactica: Guest Tactics on Psykers II

Before I continue with my series on Librarians and Psychic Powers, I’m going to take a minute to throw out a little blurb about list building and what my strategy is with Marines. I focus on building a ‘take all comers’ list with synergy, redundancy and tactical flexibility in mind. When I look at adding a unit to my army I want to be able to deploy and use that unit in a different way every game depending on what kind of list I’m facing, the terrain, and the mission(s). Good examples of this are Terminators and Assault Marines. While the competitive viability of these units is disputed on the Internet, they have exactly what I’m looking for when it comes to tactical flexibility. They can be deployed in a transport, deep strike, or go on foot depending on what the situation calls for.


Bardus Tactica: Guest Tactics on Psychers

Librarians & You: An Intermediate Guide to Psykers in 6th Edition

Hello Internet! I'm Creed and I have been playing Warhammer 40k for about 6 months. In that time I've spent countless hours lurking in forums, watching the hobby/tactics channels on YouTube, and building my Space Wolves Great Company as well as my 3rd Company of Iron Knights Space Marines. Like many of you, I have just gotten my hands on the new Space Marine codex and dove right in to see what cool new updates we have. While I was studying the new codex and re-reading my rulebook, a thought occurred to me; what if there are better ways to use psykers in general and Librarians in particular in 6th edition?


New Tactical Box: New Custom Combi-Weapon

Having a closer look at the new Tactical Marines box, there's a new surprise for us. It features a new customizable Combi-Weapon. There's half a bolter, along with each piece to make it into any Combi-Weapon. With some clever use of magnets, you could have any gun you'd like right at hand. A pretty nifty bonus, but if you're after them in spades, look to the Sternguard Veteran box. Check them all out on the Space Marine Pre-orders page.


New Video Game: Space Hulk Deathwing

A Promo Poster for SH:DW
It seems there's yet another 40k video game in the works. Displayed here is the promotional poster for Space Hulk: Deathwing. It's being developed by a French studio called Streumon Studio. They've already garnered some attention for their game EYE: Divine Cybermancy and definitely have the 40k look down.


The Big Game III: YouTube Video

Here's a brief overview video of The Big Game III: Return of the Big Game at Gamer's Haven in Spokane. Look out for a piece covering the event with photos and details of the event.


Warhammer 40,000: The Rules New Release

The rumored mini-rule book is finally here. Here's what Games Workshop has to say about it:

Spotlight: The Barter Bucket

I thought I'd take a moment to spotlight a new Facebook group. Many gaming clubs have migrated over to the new medium as a means of organizing events and players, including my local store, as well. The next logical step is The Barter Bucket. The Barter Bucket is a Facebook group set up for the purpose of exchanging models and bits by trade or by sale. The group is free, open to anyone who applies, and well moderated by its creator, John Dickerman. So if you'd like to sign up and see what deals are available, or even post your own items for trade, check them out on their Facebook group page. I'll see you there.


Let's Read: Sixth Edition Part 1

The long-awaited and dare I say, overdue, first installment of Let's Read: Sixth Edition is finally here. This installment is gonna be a little short, as I get my bearings in the book and decide the manner in which I'm going to write these installments. And after a brief detour for the 5th edition of the Space Marine codex, I hope to get plugging away at these with a decent pace.


Centurion Proportions Addressed, New Sternguard, & Black Templars

Theoretical scale from a post on 4Chan

Well the Internet has been buzzing with information about the new Space Marine Centurions. Everyone is weighing in with their opinions of the new model and even the folks who like it are scratching their heads a bit at its design. The proportions of it are a tad odd to say the least, and one has to wonder how big a marine's shoulders must be to reach into the arms. However, we now have a more official answer, and from the designer himself!

Courtesy of a source who has laid eyes on the White Dwarf:

"Andrew: One last question: where are the pilot's arms?

Dave: I knew someone would ask me that, but I have actually thought it all through! They're crossed over his chest in the front, behind that big torso-plate and the secondary weapons. And the pilot actually steps into the suit from behind. The top section hinges up - you can see the harness that straps him in - and the back of the suit opens up to allow access. At least, that's how it works in my head."

What's more, we also have a shot of the armor from the back, courtesy of Bell of Lost Souls.

As we can see from this angle, the occupant's foot ends quite a was up from the actual foot. Combine this with our new knowledge above about the hands and the scale of this model is pretty accurate. Though it would seem that if they wanted us to look into it and see, they'd have to make it quite close. I've been one of the odd ball fans of this model from the start, but this new information has sealed the deal for certain. I've gotta have some of these in my army.

But that's only the half of what we've got to show you! Bell of Lost Souls also had some fantastic new photos of the new Sternguard models as well. I have to say, I'm really quite fond of the targeters on the helmets, and fans of MKIV armor will rejoice again at the opportunity to get more in plastic, yet again, with this kit.

Wow! Some more fantastic, plastic Sternguard. I can't wait to get my hands on several of these. I'd while I'm not a huge fan of the Roman regalia that GW loves to throw all over marines, I have to admit the Sgt. head crests are growing on me.

And last, but certainly not least, a Black Templars reveal of sorts. We've had all kinds of posts saying they'd be in the new codex, but now visual evidence. This one comes to us, again, from Bell of Lost Souls. Black Templars Centurions. Also note the armored rhino front in the background. Could be a Razorback, but could also be one of the new AA tanks. Seems like BT will have access to some of the new rides as well.

Well, that's all the fresh content we have right now. Keep checking back for more as we get it and be sure to visit Bell of Lost Souls for news of these new models as well.


New Tactical Marines: Pictures! - UPDATED

Lo and behold the new Tactical Marines. First spotted by us on Deep Strike Radio's Facebook page, we're finally getting a look at the updated kit. Notice that every marine has a unique leg pose. It also seems that the bolter poses are slightly more dynamic as well. And for those keeping track, there are some MKIV legs in here, too. It would seem we'll see the whole suit spread across these kits. The helmet can be found in the Vanguard Veteran kit.



Space Hulk: Pre-order Details Announced

Photos courtesy of Steampowered.com

The Space Hulk video game is now up for pre order. It'll be out on PC/Mac on August 15th and later this year on the iPad.

via GW: "If fighting in claustrophobic corridors against a terrifying alien menace is your cup of tea then today is going to be a very good day for you because the Space Hulk computer game is now available to pre-order for your PC via Steam.

The game's developers at Full Control have been working tirelessly to bring this stunning game to life, the result being an accurate recreation of the Space Hulk board game. Every minute detail has been faithfully recreated, from the pipes and vents on the walls, to the icons and purity seals hanging from the character's armour, to the alien Genestealers.

There are two cool bonuses if you pre-order the game too - a relic banner pole and a Hive Fleet Kraken Genestealer skin, both of which you can see above. The game is scheduled for release on August 15th, so you don't have long to wait before you can start blasting chunks of Genestealer up the walls (or tear open Terminators if you prefer to play as the xenos scum), and it features both single-player and multi-player modes."



After how great XCOM: Enemy Unknown turned out, I'm really excited for this. By the looks of it, it's been done much in the same vein. If you want to lay down a pre-order, you can check it out here.



Sorry for the long radio silence and lack of content. Should have a slew of new things up over the next couple weeks. Keep an eye out for it. :)


Inflatable Space Marine Mascot?

Courtesy of 4chan's /tg/ board, comes Landmark Creations' Slash Gordon. Photos of this big guy cropped up the other night, and it's a wonder GW hasn't made a move yet. Check out this series of photos and tell me whether this looks like a huge lawsuit in the making.


Space Hulk PC Game Demo Footage GDC

Space Hulk is here!

I had heard tell last November of a new PC game within the 40k Universe due to spring up quite soon. Here it is! Space Hulk, or rather a demo of Space Hulk has just shown up at the Game Developers Conference this week. It's still a short ways out, but will soon be available on PC, iPad, and Steam. If you're interested in following its continued development you can check out it's official website here.


You can also see a review of the advance here and an interview with Thomas Lund of Full Control Studios.


A New Project on the Horizon

After seeing this, it's what we're gonna aspire to.
I'm taking a break from competitive 40k. I feel as though I've gotten all I can out of it for now. While the meta changes, the way it happens and the people that play it do not. I'm taking a break so that, after a time, it can feel fresh and new again. So what now? A good question. How does one play 40k when not trying to figure out the next greatest mouse trap? A good old fashioned campaign is in order!


Let's Read 6th: An Introduction

In this series of articles, I'll be going through the Warhammer 40,000 sixth edition rulebook section by section and analyzing it. I'll be highlighting changes from 5th edition, synergies between rules that you may not have noticed, or anything else that stands out as interesting as I go along. Hopefully, together we gain a better understanding of the rules and the game. Look forward to the first article soon.


Blog News: Youtube

Well, as some of my more studious readers may have noticed, I've been posting YouTube videos. These aren't just any old YouTube videos, mind you, but ones that I'm in or involved in! Whoa! Who'd have thought, right?


Battle Report: Dystopian Wars!

I've probably mentioned that I've picked up Dystopian Wars. It's a fantastic game produced by Spartan Games. I picked it up last May or June as 5th edition 40k was feeling very tiresome. It's fresh, smooth, and extremely balanced. I was just starting to get into it, then 6th edition 40k hit and has consumed my life. So, without further delay, here's some battle report photos from last June during one of my first games with Dustin. These are from some time ago, so my recollection of events is a little hazy.


Battle Report! - Last Games of 5th Edition

Thunderfire HO!
Well, this is a very late, but better late than never. Here's one of the last games of 5th edition that I played against Donovan's beautifully painted Black Templars. I wanted to test out a couple units that I rarely played, so my list was built around regular Terminators and a Vindicator. And because I played this so long ago, I'll keep descriptions brief but with many pretty photos. :)


A Gentleman's Bet

What I've laid out below is the scoring guide I've composed for a modeling/painting contest between two of my friends. Now that they've both gotten their airbrushes and equipment set up, they'd like to test their mettle against one another. It's just a gentleman's bet, with the loser buying the winner a drink, but I've been chosen as the judge. With my ineptitude at painting, it should be quite interesting to see if I can break down their abilities well enough. Time will tell, as the contest won't be done until March 4th. have a look and tell me what you think. :)


KickStarter: ROAM

Just wanted to give a quick plug for the Roam KickStarter. It's a procedurally generated post-apocalyptic world full of zombies and other goodies. Check them out and donate if it's to your liking. Do so quickly, though. Their KickStarter is nearing its end!


Video Battle Report! Eldar vs Imperial Fists

A second battle report. This time it's Eldar vs Imperial Fists. We're trying out our new list building system in this video.


FAQ Imminent?

This surfaced in an update made available yesterday.

With a clarification to the transport rule in the digital version of Codex Necrons, it seems a new FAQ could be on the way. We can now see that units embarked in a Night Scythe that is destroyed now take no damage. This change appeared yesterday, but has yet to work it's way to the FAQ. Keep an eye out for updates, soon.


Video Battle Report! Dark Eldar vs Imperial Fists

Well, it's finally here. My first video battle report. Follow along as my good friend Dustin narrates our battle. I understand this leaves some quality to be desired, but please bear with us as we figure out our method for shooting/editing/showing everything. Any tips on what you'd like to see are welcome.


What a Novel Idea

Herald of Oblivion By: Jonathan Green

Herald of Oblivion is the second in a new series of game books being released by Black Library. These put you in a situation similar to a choose-your-own-adventure novel, but guided by stats, equipment, and dice play.

I'm totally in love with the concept of these game books, but not sure if the idea can justify their price. At $20, plus VAT taxes and shipping, these books are nearly twice their original cost by the time they're in your hands and are only available through Black Library.

What I'm wondering, is if I should get it on the off-chance that it'll be awesome. I'm a sucker for Imperial Fists and the idea of role playing a terminator in a Space Hulk sounds like a blast. What do you think? Is the chance for success worth the cost of entry?


The Great FAQ Challenge - Accepted?

Well, it's taken me longer to address than I initially intended, but I think The Great FAQ Challenge was a success. Upon collecting every one's questions and collating them, I came the the realization that nearly all of them were addressed in GW's most recent FAQ. The need to send them in to everyone who might listen was no longer there because they already had. How awesome is that? For the first time in.... a very long time, they've finally been proactive in addressing the community's concerns!

So where do we go from here? While we got the answers we needed, what's our role as a gaming community in getting the information we need in the future? It would seem that having those repositories of questions was a major aid to the designers in addressing what we all really wanted to know. So from here on out, I think it would be wise to hold FAQ threads on popular forums, as before, every four to six months and see what other issues are addressed because of it. What do all of you think?