KickStarter: Aetherium LAST CHANCE!

Part of the awesome aesthetic that is, Aetherium.

Over the past several months, I've had the unique privilege of alpha/beta testing Aetherium for Anvil Eight Games. Having met Brian of A Gentleman's Ones during testing for 40k Killzone, I was one of several chosen to test out a new game that he and a few others had been working on for the last two years. And, having played it for the last several months, it's been a blast. It's a really rewarding experience to be trusted with something that people have worked so hard on, and seeing your ideas, thoughts and opinions change it.


Updated Force Organization Chart

Courtesy of Oliver East on the Apocalypse 40k Facebook Group is an updated Force Org. Chart as well as Army Listings and an Index. Have a look and see the big picture of where the hobby is. :)


New GW Campaign: Conquest of Kaiserslautern VI

Well, as I predicted, it seems Games Workshop is reaching back out to us with a new Campaign. Centered around the Dark Vengeance set, it's a low points event for some fairly casual play. However, it's still in beta.