Space Hulk PC Game Demo Footage GDC

Space Hulk is here!

I had heard tell last November of a new PC game within the 40k Universe due to spring up quite soon. Here it is! Space Hulk, or rather a demo of Space Hulk has just shown up at the Game Developers Conference this week. It's still a short ways out, but will soon be available on PC, iPad, and Steam. If you're interested in following its continued development you can check out it's official website here.


You can also see a review of the advance here and an interview with Thomas Lund of Full Control Studios.


A New Project on the Horizon

After seeing this, it's what we're gonna aspire to.
I'm taking a break from competitive 40k. I feel as though I've gotten all I can out of it for now. While the meta changes, the way it happens and the people that play it do not. I'm taking a break so that, after a time, it can feel fresh and new again. So what now? A good question. How does one play 40k when not trying to figure out the next greatest mouse trap? A good old fashioned campaign is in order!


Let's Read 6th: An Introduction

In this series of articles, I'll be going through the Warhammer 40,000 sixth edition rulebook section by section and analyzing it. I'll be highlighting changes from 5th edition, synergies between rules that you may not have noticed, or anything else that stands out as interesting as I go along. Hopefully, together we gain a better understanding of the rules and the game. Look forward to the first article soon.


Blog News: Youtube

Well, as some of my more studious readers may have noticed, I've been posting YouTube videos. These aren't just any old YouTube videos, mind you, but ones that I'm in or involved in! Whoa! Who'd have thought, right?


Battle Report: Dystopian Wars!

I've probably mentioned that I've picked up Dystopian Wars. It's a fantastic game produced by Spartan Games. I picked it up last May or June as 5th edition 40k was feeling very tiresome. It's fresh, smooth, and extremely balanced. I was just starting to get into it, then 6th edition 40k hit and has consumed my life. So, without further delay, here's some battle report photos from last June during one of my first games with Dustin. These are from some time ago, so my recollection of events is a little hazy.