Space Wolf Game Revealed

The little blurbs we heard about this game months ago have finally turned into something altogether more tangible. Today we have an announcement trailer for the game that shows off something reminicient of Chaos Gate and XCom. I can't wait to see more!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkey Day in Borderlands 2

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Take today to be thankful for your friends and loved ones and for the amazing year of hobby goodness! :D


KickStarter: Mega Mat

One of the prototype Mega Mats in action.

The gentlemen over at Frontline Gaming and TABLEWAR have just kicked off a fantastic new KickStarter. They've unveiled a new product called Mega Mat. These are mats made of mouse pad material that have detailed terrain printed on top of them. Not only do they resist sliding and wrinkling, but they're also very water resistant as well! These are the perfect topper for every wargamers' table. Check out some more details below and be sure to hop on their KickStarter, as well.


Battle Summary: Space Marines vs Dark Eldar

Here, I have my last recorded game with 5th edition Space Marines. Dustin and I played this match on the day we had a TV pilot recorded at The Haven. Unfortunately, it's not yet been picked up as far as I know. But, here's our fight anyway. This was, as you can tell some time ago now, so my summations will be brief based on what I remember.

 Here's our table set up with objectives, the glass beads, and some slick Necron-esque terrain. We picked the back corner of the game room as the lighting favored video recording and there would be space for a camera crew to maneuver. This would pay off later.


Veteran's Day 2013

Have a happy Veteran's day. Please thank a Veteran for their service.

And remember the million Imperial Guard Veteran squads who were lost to the Imperium in 5th edition. ;)


Farseer Report: Summer 2014

Having had some time to soak in 6th edition, the new Space Marines codex, and even Sentinels of Terra, I have a good inclination as to what we may see next summer. Cities of Death!


Flash-Gitz Animation

Hey everyone. I thought I'd take some time to give Flashgitz some due coverage. If you haven't heard of these guys yet, you should definitely check them out. They have a hilarious weekly comic as well as some awesome cartoons on YouTube. However, none of their material is safe for work. I repeat, NSFW!


Farseer Report: Spring 2014 - Edited

The end is nigh, for Armageddon approaches! But first, let's play some catch-up and see how my last predictions landed.

For those unfamiliar, I've made it a small theme of my writings to occasionally predict the near future of the hobby based on its current ebb and flow. Now mind you, I'm not being fed any specific rumors. These are simply my opinions of what will happen based on general rumor flow, current releases, and common sense.


The Big Game III Spokane: A Big Writeup

Well, a couple months on and the dust has long since settled. The Big Game III was a major success and everyone involved had a blast. Being relatively new to Apocalypse despite a 5 year tenure in 40k, I made the decision to get some help running the game. Now, to say help run the game is a bit of an over statement of my duties. I helped to set up and organize the event, but with the little to no experience I had, I didn't want folks looking to me for answers in how to work the game.