The Mystery of the Black Templars

Hey, everyone. A short while back, I did a post on my speculations for the future of Psychic Powers and Warlord Traits. After the apparent confirmation with recent rumors, I thought it was safe to make another attempt at farseeing the future of 40k. So come along with me while we look at the mystery of the Black Templars.


More Starter Set Shenanigans - UPDATED

It must be OK because he took the picture before signing the agreement

Well, this is about as definitive as it gets. Enjoy.

A Bit of News - Shameless Plugs

I figured I'd take a moment to chime in with a bit of news and goings on that I find interesting right now. Firstly, I'm going to take a moment to plug the KICKSTARTER for Wreck Age by Hyacinth Games. It's a cool new RPG/Skirmish game that's got a Fallout/RAGE post-apocalyptic feel. As I cannot truly convey the need blends of game types and genres that come together in this upcoming symphony of fun, be sure to give them a gander, yourself. :)

Another new project worth having a peek at is the new not-Rhino model that BitsPudlo has just finished. You can find it in their store, here. They already have some great bits to convert it to a Razorback and future plans to support the model with new half-track options. It's a pretty great project.

The Bison Armoured Personnel Carrier... NOT A RHINO

And finally, DreamForge-Games, who make some pretty good resin models, are also doing a KICKSTARTER to make their popular Leviathan Crusader model in plastic. It's a popular kit because many folks use it as a Knight Titan or even a Warhound. So go ahead and check it out. Reap the rewards of investment.


Leaked Images of New Starter Box!

New Chaos Lord

These images appear to be leaked from the new White Dwarf. They're courtesy of an anonymous source, but if they're legitimate, we're in for a freakin amazing new starter box. The quality of these appears to be a drastic improvement over the Assault on Black Reach set. Dark Vengeance is coming!


Starter box on August 25

A tantalizing new trailer made a brief appearance in Games Workshop's YouTube channel last night. It was only available very briefly before it was locked down, but it's contents were seen by several people. What it contained was approximately 38 seconds of Dark Angels artwork, followed by the date you see above. And while the video is set to private now, some screen caps were still taken in the brief time it was active.


2013 Releases listed!

Amazingly, the whole release schedule for 2013 showed up today. There are many exciting new things in store. I've taken the liberty of skimming the list and providing some conjectures as to what these releases may bring along with them.


The Great FAQ Challenge!

I have for you today, an exciting proposal. We know that new FAQ's for 6th edition are on their way to us, so why not lend Games Workshop a helping hand? I'd like to use the comments section of this article to collect questions that you have about 6th edition. These can be ANYTHING you're confused about: clarifications, requests for more examples, codex questions, allies questions, anything that's on your mind!