Battle Summary

Team Battle: Imperial Fists and Space Wolves vs. Imperial Guard and Eldar
Eldar Trickery

Got a chance to run a second test of our slightly altered team doubles list with similar results. We made the Scouts into CC Scouts with a power weapon, and took out a Thunder Wolf and some Grey Hunters in favor of having a Rune Priest to help block psychic abilities. While we won the game, I think it was more because of some very lucky dice rolls than anything else.For example, rolling double sixes to blow up a Falcon grav tank with holo fields, and blowing up a Leman Russ on our second turn of shooting (the first having been night fighting).

But through all of our good fortune, our limitations remain the same. We have some very powerful 'Deathstar' units, but they lack the mobility to be as effective as we need them. For instance, the Thunder Wolf Cavalry have yet to engage in close combat. And while that can be effective as a means of herding your enemy around the board, I'd like to see them make at least some of their points back.

So, what do we do about it? We've built a couple alternate lists that feature a third Land Raider. Yes, we'll be those guys who have 3 Land Raiders in a tournament with a restrictive force organization chart. It's very necessary though because we need to drop the TWC in favor of getting our other units into the action. I'll try and get a new copy of both lists up once I'm furnished with copies of the materials as well as a full length battle report with photos for our next test. :)


  1. At the same time you seemed to have very odd deployment zones making you cross the majority of the map before even coming in contact with your foe. Why was that? It looked like you were playing long ways.

  2. Well, I was informed that the scenarios for the tournament will be very different from normal with very 'off the wall' rules. So, knowing this, I decided it would be most appropriate to use a scenario from Battle Missions to account for that.

    At any rate, it worked pretty well, but I'm still vexed as to how to get the most use from those units...