Special Ops: Killzone - Your Army Featured!

It's that time, again. Hot on the heels of a new addition come the updated rules for Spacial Ops: Killzone along with a chance to have your army featured! How about that? Look through the fresh rules and see your own kill team looking back at ya. I've always been a fan of the set, especially after Games Workshop chose to, in my opinion, over simplify the rules. Here's a set based on 2nd and the more recent 4th edition iterations that plays very tight and is a natural lead in to some great narrative skirmishes. So, while I've been a fan for some time, I'll allow Big Jim (its creator) to speak for those of you who are just hearing about this.

"For those that don't know about Special Operations Killzone, let me give you a quick rundown.

Special Operations: Killzone is a Glorious 40k Fan project that a few avid gamers have been working on for just over 3 years now. Really, it’s a much refined and improved version of super-fast and streamlined 40K Kill Teams.

Got 30 minutes and an itch for narrative-driven 40K? Here’s your medicine. From the hobby end, it's much, much more than that; it’s also an ideal way in which to experiment with neglected old models and very small forces for which one would never complete an entire army.

From a gaming end, It's also an ideal way to test the merits of an army that has your interest before jumping in for the big plunge.

It was run at the last 2 Adepticons with a great turn out and success.

I have been in the process of updating it from 5th to 6th ed.

This is not the finished update, it has no pics and most of the flavor text has not be added in; this a beta test version to get you guys back on the table. I need and appreciate any and all feedback."

So, here's where you come in. Big Jim needs feedback for these rules. He needs to know where he can clean up wording, if they bog the game down or outright break it. And as there are only a couple folks working on this, he would also love to hear about corrections to faction FAQ's and even suggestions for new rules or how to make it better.

But hey, nobody likes writing up reports, so what do you get out of this for lending him a hand? Well, aside from some awesomely fun games of Killzone (they are, you'll see!) you have a chance at getting your army featured in the rulebook and upcoming supplements. That's right! Your kill team can make it into those illustrious pages for the world to see and even gawk at.

So, here's what you'll need. First, you're gonna need the Beta Rulebook.

Next, you're gonna need the army FAQ's: Codex Operatives.

And finally, while not necessary, the handy dandy mission cards.

However, these don't mean much without a way to turn in your results, do they? Once you have beta feedback and your optional photo of your kill team, throw them in an email with the subject 'KZ Beta' and fire it off to galaxynflamesblog@gmail.com

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and try some Killzone!

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