The Great FAQ Challenge - Accepted?

Well, it's taken me longer to address than I initially intended, but I think The Great FAQ Challenge was a success. Upon collecting every one's questions and collating them, I came the the realization that nearly all of them were addressed in GW's most recent FAQ. The need to send them in to everyone who might listen was no longer there because they already had. How awesome is that? For the first time in.... a very long time, they've finally been proactive in addressing the community's concerns!

So where do we go from here? While we got the answers we needed, what's our role as a gaming community in getting the information we need in the future? It would seem that having those repositories of questions was a major aid to the designers in addressing what we all really wanted to know. So from here on out, I think it would be wise to hold FAQ threads on popular forums, as before, every four to six months and see what other issues are addressed because of it. What do all of you think?


  1. Personally I send GW the ones I see come up as hot button topics from time to time, but doing a massed roll up can never hurt since it'll help catch more questions and help get the ball rolling.

  2. Well the last one worked fabulously. We had about a half dozen of the big blog networks participating. I'd like to get them all on the same page for doing so on a regular basis. I'll have to see how cooperative they are about scheduling something like it again. :)