The Great FAQ Challenge!

I have for you today, an exciting proposal. We know that new FAQ's for 6th edition are on their way to us, so why not lend Games Workshop a helping hand? I'd like to use the comments section of this article to collect questions that you have about 6th edition. These can be ANYTHING you're confused about: clarifications, requests for more examples, codex questions, allies questions, anything that's on your mind!

I'll be taking these questions and collating them into a massive document that I'm exerting every effort to get to important folks at Games Workshop. So all you have to do is ask away. I'll be the insane person that does the grunt work of organizing it all, and you can know that the community's burning questions have been presented to those that matter.

Having said this, the purpose here is not for complaining or whining, or even arguing rules with those who do post questions. I'll be organizing them and throwing out ones that are obvious, and making notes of things that are brought up frequently (even if obvious) as it indicates on a larger scale that it's not presented clearly enough. Also, if you've spilled your guts in the comments on another of these articles, as several other mainstream members of the 40k blogging community are working with me, you don't have to do so again. All of the results will head back my way.

So go ahead and ask away. Feel free to share this with friends and other community members. I want this to be as comprehensive as possible. And remember, this is no longer just a PDF that we're changing, but potentially the way certain rules are presented in the upcoming Digital Rulebook.

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