A Gentleman's Bet

What I've laid out below is the scoring guide I've composed for a modeling/painting contest between two of my friends. Now that they've both gotten their airbrushes and equipment set up, they'd like to test their mettle against one another. It's just a gentleman's bet, with the loser buying the winner a drink, but I've been chosen as the judge. With my ineptitude at painting, it should be quite interesting to see if I can break down their abilities well enough. Time will tell, as the contest won't be done until March 4th. have a look and tell me what you think. :)

A Gentleman's Bet: Painting Contest Rubric and Guidelines

Base: Bare Plastic 0  
  One Flock, no paint 2  
  Multiple Flock, or painted with highlights, one flock, framed edge. 4  
  Multiple flock, or painted with highlights, one flock, terrain elements, shading and highlighting of elements 6  
  Intricate Diorama base 10  
Conversion: None 0  
  Minimal: head/weapon swaps, arm rotations 3  
  Minor: multi-kit conversion, head/weapon swaps 6  
  Major: advanced conversions with sculpting and plasticard, drilling, sawing, etc. 10  
Advanced Skills: none 0  
  basecoat with a shade and highlight color 3  
blending will be determined wit h gray scale photography shaded using layering with highlights or blending 6  
  shaded using seamless blending 10  
Exceptional Skills: none 0  
  rough freehand work 3  
  quality freehand work 6  
  astounding freehand work 10  
  Total: 40  

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