Battle Report! - Last Games of 5th Edition

Thunderfire HO!
Well, this is a very late, but better late than never. Here's one of the last games of 5th edition that I played against Donovan's beautifully painted Black Templars. I wanted to test out a couple units that I rarely played, so my list was built around regular Terminators and a Vindicator. And because I played this so long ago, I'll keep descriptions brief but with many pretty photos. :)
So here we have our board. Plenty of ruins for hiding in/behind. We wind up rolling seize ground and pitched battle, a pretty standard game.

Here's my deployment. I put my Thunderfire up on top of the Shrine of the Aquila for the best line of sight possible. I also tucked my Vindicator in the ruin on the right for the best saves I could get. Also note the dreadnought peeking out of the shrine to say hello. I also put my unit of Terminators in the shrine as well. I had done so hoping they'd get more fire out than riding in their Land Raider off to the far right.

Some alternate shots of my deployment. As you can see, it's set up to optimize my gun line abilities. I also rarely took shooting Terminators or Vindicators so this was an interesting way to test them out.

Another shot of my deployment from the back left side.

Here's a shot of Donovan's Black Templars as they deployed. He's got the SUPER COMMAND SQUAD tucked in that Land Raider and some crusaders in the rhino.

In the first turn, I shore up my front lines a bit while taking pot shots at Donovan's forces. If I recall correctly, this is when I killed his Dreadnought.

Here, Donovan's wall of pissed-off, stabby-death approaches while firing off a few shots. Nothing major yet.
My forces begin to make a dent as the Vindicator starts throwing out some punishing shots. My counts-as Cyclone Terminator peeks out to take some shots.

Donovan moves up and commits to hitting my Terminators while I shuffle out to my own left to contest the objective (near the statue).

Donovan destroys my Land Raider with a lucky Melta shot. My tactical squad moves up the side in their razorback to take the objective. Donovan's secondary command squad takes a beating from the Vindicator while the SUPER COMMAND SQUAD is tied up by a dreadnought. Their lack of grenades makes taking him down next to impossible.

My Terminators are destroyed, but I'm making a decent bid for the objectives.

Here we have the end game. I hold more objectives but Donovan put up a great fight.
Wow. Almost a year old. It's really interesting how many changes have been made in 6th. This whole list and deployment was based around shenanigans to make my gun line work. Now, my gun line is able to work by its base design. I could have had an Aegis Defense Line or even aerial units beating on the Templars. And he could have run from the Dreadnought and laid more punishment on my Razorbacks. It's worlds apart from what it once was. Well, there you have it; better late than never. :)

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