Space Hulk: Pre-order Details Announced

Photos courtesy of Steampowered.com

The Space Hulk video game is now up for pre order. It'll be out on PC/Mac on August 15th and later this year on the iPad.

via GW: "If fighting in claustrophobic corridors against a terrifying alien menace is your cup of tea then today is going to be a very good day for you because the Space Hulk computer game is now available to pre-order for your PC via Steam.

The game's developers at Full Control have been working tirelessly to bring this stunning game to life, the result being an accurate recreation of the Space Hulk board game. Every minute detail has been faithfully recreated, from the pipes and vents on the walls, to the icons and purity seals hanging from the character's armour, to the alien Genestealers.

There are two cool bonuses if you pre-order the game too - a relic banner pole and a Hive Fleet Kraken Genestealer skin, both of which you can see above. The game is scheduled for release on August 15th, so you don't have long to wait before you can start blasting chunks of Genestealer up the walls (or tear open Terminators if you prefer to play as the xenos scum), and it features both single-player and multi-player modes."



After how great XCOM: Enemy Unknown turned out, I'm really excited for this. By the looks of it, it's been done much in the same vein. If you want to lay down a pre-order, you can check it out here.

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