A New Project on the Horizon

After seeing this, it's what we're gonna aspire to.
I'm taking a break from competitive 40k. I feel as though I've gotten all I can out of it for now. While the meta changes, the way it happens and the people that play it do not. I'm taking a break so that, after a time, it can feel fresh and new again. So what now? A good question. How does one play 40k when not trying to figure out the next greatest mouse trap? A good old fashioned campaign is in order!

Chris, Dustin, and I have decided to start our own campaign. We've launched GrimDorks to get the most out of it and to share our experiences with everyone. So, I picked up a Planetary Empires kit in hopes of aping something similar to what you see above and having a battle for a star system. We're each going to make up our own named characters *gasp!* and we've even developed a system for comping out lists. While the latter portion might sound horrifying, it's actually made for the funnest games of 40k I've ever played. When both players take a balanced list, the game is down the wire until the very last second. It's quite an intense experience. So, should anyone like to try out what we're doing or suggest modifications, here's a look at the guidelines we've prepared.

Campaign 'Guidelines'
Standard campaign games may be anywhere between 1500 and 2500 points, although arrangements for Apocalypse, large team battles, or Killzone missions may be made and agreed upon by players involved.


Each player may pick one named, unique character from their primary codex to represent their army. This character is in the area and will aid them for large battles (2500+ points) He may not be used in any smaller battles, nor may any upgrade characters.

·         Each player will make up to 2 named HQ's from their codex to serve as commanders of their forces. These 2 named HQ's will:

·         Be made from any template HQ available in their corresponding codex

·         Be equipped with wargear based on the template HQ in the codex

·         Each one will have a unique special rule written by their player relating to the character's background. This rule will affect their points cost and have to be approved by the other players in the campaign

·         In the case of mounts (jump packs, bikes, etc.) they must be paid for in the mission they are used and approved by the opposing player(s) in that mission

·         Each named character must have background story/information written by the owner of the named player

·         Final points costs for the named player MUST be approved by the other players in the campaign


All campaign lists must be Take-All-Comers lists. To achieve this, the following system will be implemented in all lists.

·         In order to buy more than one Elite, Heavy Support, or Fast Attack unit, you must first have purchased one of each category (with the exception of Troops and HQ's). This also applies to gaining a third entry in any of the categories. You must first have 2 of each option in order to gain a third.

·         Players who do not have any redundant selections in any of their Elite, Fast Attack, or Heavy Support will receive +2 Victory Points in the mission played.

·         Players who have no more than one redundancy of a unit in any of their Elite, Fast Attack, or Heavy Support receive +1 Victory Points in the mission played.

·         Players how have more than one redundancy in any of these categories receive no bonus VP. However, exceptions can be made for specific missions and must be agreed upon by all players involved.

Well, there it is. What are your thoughts? Can we improve this? Does it sound fun? At any rate, look forward to battle reports featuring these rules, and updates on the setup and progress of the campaign.


  1. Sounds awesome! I've always wanted to get some friends together and play a fluff based campaign. I really liked the idea of having a "GM" as proposed in the Crusade of Fire book who can set up crazy scenarios.

    I look forward to hearing stories of this!

  2. Thanks for the comment :)

    I look forward to telling all of our crazy stories. We're in the process of painting our tiles and testing our comp system. We just learned today that it could use some additional tweaking.