It's over 9000!!!

IT'S OVER 9000!!!

I now have the coolest problem ever. Due to an extremely generous donation from a magnanamous benefactor, I now have over 9000 points of space marines. Allow me to now say, HOLY CRAP! About 3000 points of it are still unassembled and it's quite intimidating to look at it all and know I have to assemble it.

I can now have an Apocalpyse game... against myself. This is awesome. So, I'll be plugging away at assembly for all of the new stuff and trying to get some model reviews up for what I'm working on as I go. I'll also try to provide some information on storage methods because as my army grows it's becoming a larger and larger consideration for upkeep.


  1. So, what all did ya get?

  2. Another Land Raider, some basic marines and scouts, a couple bikes, a few termies, a couple leader characters, and a whirlwind :)