Killzone Beta Contest

All aboard!

For those interested in participating, Brian, over at A Gentleman's Ones is holding a contest for players who would like to assist in play testing of Killzone. All you need to do is download the Killzone rule set and codex errata here, play a match (or as many as you'd like) and submit your results using the report page. Each battle report that you submit is good for one entry in the weekly giveaway. Who knows, play enough and you could be the lucky one drawn for this weeks prize, just like yours truly. I'd highly encourage you to check it out. The game is a blast to play and Brian has been super approachable about rules questions and ideas.

Did I mention I won the first drawing? How crazy is that? I have a Stormraven now. It's pretty friggin' awesome. :) Might be looking a little more a Grey Knights now that I have some proper motivation. Next week's prize is a super sweet textured gaming map. Again, check it out here for your chance to win!

Seeing the increased traffic from the linkage by Brian (thank you ^_^), I'm going to try and get a few fresh articles up so that there's something worth reading. There's a small tournament at my LFGS this weekend, so I'll post up my list for public review. :)

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