Battle Report!


After finals, I managed to squeeze in a game of Killzone this week. For those who've never heard of it, Killzone is a fan-made rule system based on the old Kill Teams rule set from long ago. And after getting in a nice game of it, I gotta say that it's pretty damn fun.

So, upon meeting at our LFGS, my friends and I discovered we had an uneven number of players; just the 3 of us. Having experienced this before, we turned to the 3-way battle rules on page 272 of the BRB. After a lot of hemming and hawing (mostly on my part) we got our game underway.

Because it was our first time with the rules, we decided to stick with a simple Primary mission. As the dice roll would have it, we wound up with kill points for our objective. Since deployment was complicated by having 3 players, we decided that the simplest means would be to roll of with the scatter die and deploy from whatever table edge it pointed at (unless it was already taken). This had me across the table from Space Wolves and to the left of Guard.

Seeing the Guard as the weakest target, both myself and my friend Thomas (playing Space Wolves) went toward them. Two turns of pushing through with minimal resistance saw them slaughtered between our forces. The game ended in a great finale of 5 Sternguard Veterans, an Assault Terminator, and an Apothecary locked in combat with a very stubborn Lone Wolf.

Tom and I tied for the win with kill points, and had a pretty good time playing. Now that the revised beta rules are out, we'll probably run through another match or two using those. Before that however, I have a tournament to prepare for.

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