2013 Releases listed!

Amazingly, the whole release schedule for 2013 showed up today. There are many exciting new things in store. I've taken the liberty of skimming the list and providing some conjectures as to what these releases may bring along with them.

Information coutesy of Apocalypse 40k. You can find their original article here. and my notes in orange.

Vivin on Warseer dug up this on theonering.net, a Lord of the Rings forum. It is the 2013 Games Workshop release schedule. Johnmclane then purged the hobbit stuff so we have just a 40K release schedule. And there are some impressive things here. The full list can be found here.

Games Workshop release plan*

281041230110209 Imperial Agents Enforcer with Heavy Stubber RE
Imperial Agents, eh? Wonder if that means we could see some Arbites, soon.
284054630110202 Kroot Kroothawks RE
286010311080200 Cult Hybrid Upgrade Pack PL
286011130110208 Patriarch Dumas, The Veiled Fiend RE
Looks like we have some Genestealer Cultists inbound 
280002330140207 Sisters of Battle Canoness with Power Axe RE
280000211440200 Sisters of Battle Seraphim / Patronica Squad PL
280000111440201 Sisters of Battle Battle Sisters PL
280000411840206 Sisters of Battle Exorcist / Catafalque of Sins PL
Updated models for the sisters to reflect new power weapon stats...
281047530110208 Imperial Agents Obsideo Assassin RE
281049111440209 Imperial Agents Deathwatch Kill Team PL
281049230140202 Imperial Agents Deathwatch Librarian RE
Allied Deathwatch? Yes please!
280002430140206 Sisters of Battle Prioress Lazarea Verata RE
280002230140208 Sisters of Battle Sister Superior Magdalenia RE
280000330740205 Sisters of Battle Repentia Squad RE

288023030140207 Harlequin Solitaire RE
283041230710209 Cabal Tarellian Cotor with Dragontongue RE
283041530110204 Cabal Alpha Psyker RE
282021211440203 Mechanicus Battle-Servitors / Khorne Caedes Engines PL
287018930140205 Freebooters Ogreen Kaptain RE
285000030110204 Cypher RE

256145512010301 Tau Empire Nautilus Defence Platform PL
256146011840307 Tau Empire Mako PL
256145730740301 Commander Farsight RE
256146211440307 Tau Empire Vespid Stingwings / Vespid Spinewings PL
Looks like a new Tau codex is on the horizon. And maybe a Kroot/Vespid Allies mini-dex.
208263530941100 The Avatar of Khaine RE
208284511450206 Eldar Wraithguard / Cataphracts PL
208284711550201 Eldar Sky Chariots / Shining Spears PL
208285011450208 Eldar Warpspiders / Everguard PL a14
208285230150200 Eldar Black Warden RE
208297830180402 Phoenix Lord Kyme'doc, The Planetwister RE

208281811450202 Eldar Eldritch Raiders PL
208282112050207 Eldar Webway Gate PL
208283411250206 Eldar Phoenix Lord Nuadhu, The Fireheart / Alean Vyper PL
208283512050200 Eldar Spirit Warrior PL
208283911550202 Eldar Dragon Riders PL

208286130150208 Eldar Fire Dragon Xentarch RE
208286230150207 Eldar Dire Avenger Xentarch RE
208286330150206 Eldar Howling Banshee Xentarch RE
208286430150205 Eldar Striking Scorpion Xentarch RE
208286530150204 The Avatar of the Young King RE
New Eldar, with a new codex. Two different avatars... wonder what that means.
206304711540308 Chaos Bike Squadron PL
206305211440303 Chaos Noise Marines PL
206304811440300 Chaos Thousand Sons PL
999030530110288 White Dwarf 5 RE
New Noise Marines and Thousand Sons... wonder why they're so far out.
200462312010203 Space Marine Astartes Battle Fortress Defence Wall PL
200462412010202 Space Marine Astartes Battle Fortress Tower / Pillar of Heroes PL 02 cc
200462512340209 Space Marine Astartes Battle Fortress Monastery PL
Wait... A FORTRESS? This is so Fisty it hurts! I can't wait to see how this works. Never thought I'd be this pumped for a terrain release.
208281612050205 Eldar Lamia Strike Fighter / Moon Siren Bomber PL
208283611550205 Eldar Jetbikes PL
208287930150207 Eldar Warlock with Force Staff RE
208288530950204 Eldar Swooping Hawks RE
Strike Fighter and Bomber, eh? Bout time they got some air support. Though I'm a bit bummed that it won't be prereleased as a WD update. Eldar could use a boost in the skies.
200470512040203 Space Marine Land Avenger PL
200468512010203 Space Marine Praetor Warmachine PL
200465411540206 Space Marine Bike Squadron / Crusader Bike Squadron PL
200467830740205 Space Marine Skyshatter Cannon RE
200469630140209 Space Marine Terminator First Hand RE
200469230140203 Space Marine Librarian with Jump Pack RE
Land Avenger. I wonder if that's the medium transport that the interwebs have been mumbling about lately. Skyshatter Cannon, perhaps an air equivalent to the Thunderfire Cannon? And I wonder what the Praetor Warmachine will be. Sounds like something between a Dreadnough and a Dreadknight... interesting.
200462811440204 Space Marine Neophytes PL
200464511440201 Space Marine Techmarine with Artificer Squad PL
200468011440204 Space Marine Sword Brethren / Nightflame Veteran Squad PL
200472230140203 Space Marine Librarian Epistolary RE
200475630110203 Paladin Marshall Sieghelm RE
New Black Templar! Yay. I wonder what an Artificer Squad is. New Marshall sounds cool, too.
200470612040202 Space Marine Land Avenger Vulkan / Land Avenger Invictus PL
200470331080275 Space Marine Bionics Upgrade Pack RE
200470231080276 Space Marine Defender Upgrade Pack RE
200471330110208 Iron Father Maalthun RE
200471730110204 Chapter Master Tu’Shan RE
200480130110202 Severus Agemman, Regent of Ultramar RE
200480630110207 Helveticus the Ancient, Bearer of Honour RE
Again, the Avenger. Looks like a Salamander variant and an Ultramarine variant. I wonder whose the original is. Iron Hands are getting some attention, and we even see Captain Severus (of the horrible Ultramarines movie) introduced as a model. Looks like a new Vanilla codex is on the way as well!  With Bionics making a return and a new Defender upgrade... oh man. I can't WAIT for this codex! :D
201278911240205 Ork Warbuggy / Deff Racer PL
201281911240205 Ork Wartrakk Skorcha / Flakk Trakk PL
201279011540202 Ork Deff Koptas PL
201286730140200 Wazzdakka Gutsmek RE
Orks, too? Looks like EVERYONE gets a new codex next year. Awesome!
227162030941106 Dark Eldar Grotesque Squad RE
The last trickling of DE models?
202321411411107 Imperial Guard Storm Troopers / Iron Cloak Veterans PL
202342311811101 Imperial Guard Hydra PL
For serious? The Hydra is still a YEAR out? That is madness. Hopefully the Stormtroopers get some badass new sculpts. The generic ones need some tlc.
271074511840390 Bloodthirster PL
271074611840399 Lord of Change PL
271074811440399 Chaos Daemons Warp Stalkers / Chaos Furies PL
Daemons... ewwwww....
201281712010205 Ork Flying Fortress / Rokk Launcha PL
201279412010205 Ork Gun Fortress / Mega Tellyporta PL
201283811440204 Ork Flash Gitz / Tellyporta Nobz PL
201279911440206 Ork Meganobz / Painboy Cyborks PL
201285130140209 Ork Warphead RE
Flying Fortress and Gun Fortress? Orks get more awesome every time. Temped to start them up with their new book :)
201283912010207 Ork Klan Fort PL
201284130740204 Ork Boar Squigs RE
201284430940212 Ork Squiggotaur RE
Squiggotaur? Now that sounds like a NASTY Monstrous Creature!
201283611540203 Ork Big Guns / Pulsa Launchas PL
201285230140208 Ork Painboy with Cleava Harness RE
201285630140204 Ork Grot Nurses RE
201286930140208 Gorbuzz ThreeEye RE
201287430140200 Gritlegg Maksmesh RE
201288330140208 Boss-Kommissa Grotzki RE
Boss-Kommissa Grotzki? I gotta see this!
200461211440203 Space Marine Scouts with Astartes Grenade Launchers PL
200467911540205 Space Marine Gale Claw Supremacy Fighter PL
200465011440203 Space Marine Space Marine Tactical Squad PL
200465512010202 Space Marine Land Raider Medusa PL
Yes! Scouts with rapid fire Grenade Launchers! Finally a load out that doesn't suck! A new Land Raider as well. Medusa means it's obviously for the Iron Hands, but hopefully they don't mind sharing with their battle brothers :) Supremacy fighter... guess that means it's time to kit out the Stormtalon for anti-ground work.
271081411840399 Great Unclean One PL
271081511840398 Keeper of Secrets PL
Note: does not contain re-releases, non-miniature products or the miniature range with codes below 2xxx

Note: contains only boxes that are currently NOT in mass production, expect release beginning in june 2013 at the earliest, the bulk of the releases for the first movie are done by then


  1. Phuch yes! New codex just as I'll be getting a start on Eldar.

  2. Also, 'bout time they rereleased Solitaires. Just need some mimes now.

  3. For sure! A good buddy of mine is drooling over the Eldar stuff on there. I've got my eye on new Vanilla Marines and Tau. Good to see GW seems to be making a big leap here!