Wreck Age - Updated Stretch Goals!

With only hours left, now is the time to get in on the Wreck Age Kickstarter! They've very recently updated their stretch goals to make them stack-able and are well along the way to reaching $15,000 before the end of their pledge period.

But, what is Wreck Age?
via Kickstarter page:

Wreck Age depicts the desperate struggle of humanity after betrayal and disaster have decimated Earth as we know it. Your introduction to Wreck Age begins in the 26th century - in what we now call the Resurgence… “Year Zero.” 200 years previously, the world’s elite and privileged abandoned a desperate planet on the verge of complete collapse. They promised that subsequent waves would follow once they had cleared a proper path.
They lied.

 It's a unique blend of RPG and tabletop skirmish game set after a post apocalyptic event. It's a very interesting game in that in can appeal to two groups of gamers in its design and play. The Kickstarter itself is to get the first 4 box sets of models off the ground and to get a printed rulebook. The models are fantastic looking and there are a slew of photos available on the Kickstarter page.

But what's all this nonsense about stretch goals? Well, they're already nearing their 5th one (at the time of this writing) and for each box of models or rulebook copy you pledge for, you'll receive a bonus from the stretch goals. That's right, the stack! I'll be getting a box and rulebook for double on each of the bonus models, myself.

So head on over and check out all four starting factions and tidbits of those to follow!
via Kickstarter
The Stakers: Almost immediately after the Exodus, the resilient, the far-sighted, the idealistic, and the indolent banded together to form the closest approximation of stability they could imagine. Many of these communities now lay buried under heaping piles of ash, bone, and e-waste, but those that remain are known as Staker communities, the modest and hopeful amidst a world of cruel opportunism.

The Hy Planes Drifters: Drifters are nomadic warbands descended from criminal gangs that had been left wandering during the Exodus and subsequent collapse. They value strength and live by a strict hierarchical code of violence and plunder. They believe that anything and everything should be taken and that the world is a massive plain ripe for their harvesting.

The Order of the Reclaimers: – Reclaimers are the world's foremost authority on scavenging. The e-wastes of North America and the rest of the world hold a veritable trove of disjointed information and oddly situated technology. With single-minded zealotry, the Reclaimers aim only to collect and to re-assemble the pieces of this grand technological mystery, to learn about the sins of the past, and to intuit how technology might someday lead the diligent back toward humanity's rightful place.

The Stitchmen: During the Exodus, a ship carrying specialized medical personnel crash-landed before exiting atmosphere. The carnage was horrific, but the ill-fated flight had been loaded with skilled experts in the common field of life-longevity and practical medicine. The despairing but resigned survivors began their macabre practice immediately, and soon set out both in small bands and as individuals in order to carve, quite literally, a place for themselves in the harsh environment of North America. Some of these hapless few are rumored to exist even today...

These are just a small sampling of what's available. Head on over to their Kickstarter, or check out some interviews and game play mechanics on their Youtube channel. Hurry!

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