Battle Report: Dystopian Wars!

I've probably mentioned that I've picked up Dystopian Wars. It's a fantastic game produced by Spartan Games. I picked it up last May or June as 5th edition 40k was feeling very tiresome. It's fresh, smooth, and extremely balanced. I was just starting to get into it, then 6th edition 40k hit and has consumed my life. So, without further delay, here's some battle report photos from last June during one of my first games with Dustin. These are from some time ago, so my recollection of events is a little hazy.

Here we have my roll for initiative. As DW is more of a skirmish based game, who begins the turn is decided by a role each turn. I rolled this eleven right as I got a text message with my Zelda 'You got the Thing' ring tone. It made my day.

Dustin's roll for initiative. Close, but no cigar.

Dustin's deployment of his Covenant of Antarctica forces. We were both fuzzy on the rules, but here's how it went down.

My deployment with my Prussians. We both have the starter box and one goody; mine being the Imperium Sky Fortress which is awesome!

My stuff moves forward ready to beat some face, with lightning!

Dustin moves up and spreads out. His ships have better range, so he begins laying into me from afar.

Needing to close the gap as quickly as possible, I move up with my frigates to start putting some fire out. My battleship and sky fortress hang back where it's safer.

I'm now properly moved in and taking a beating from Dustin's forces. Our bombers are slugging it out in the sky while are ships all manoeuvre for firing solutions on each other.

Here, Dustin's battleship has submerged itself for better protection. My sky fortress has taken a pounding but my ships have managed to deal some out just as well. We called the game here due to time constraints at what we determined more or less to be a tie.
It's been some time since this game, but it's a real blast. I've since picked up land units and Spartan has also put out their revised rule set. I love my Prussians and their Tesla weapons and wish I had time to invest in Dystopian Legions. However, at the time of this writing I am halfway through my second reading of the rulebook. You can look forward to some fresh Battle Reports in the near future and hopefully with video and painted ships! As the local scene for this game is on the rise, I'm eager to see what I learn from playing.

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