Works in Progress

Well, I thought I'd give a brief update on my current projects. Despite being in the midst of summer break, I still feel swamped with all of the modeling and painting that must be done. First up, is the Bastion and Aegis Defense Line.

So here you can see my Bastion and Aegis line. It just so happens that I spotted these on a local forum a couple months ago and got the entire set for only $15. As you can see, it needs some fixing up, but the price sure was right. I'd like to paint both the Bastion and the Aegis line with stone textured paint; possibly the Krylon textured sprays. Where there is modeled battle damage, I wanted to have metal showing underneath. That way it seems as though there is ceramic material over metal. I hope it gives the impression of Ceramite over Adamantium. First, however, I have to grind all that dried glue from the tops of the Aegis pieces.

Next up, I have my Chapter House, Razorback turrets. These are super neat because they are pre-set for magnets and allow you to have any of the weapons options for a Razorback. I have had to do a little work on them, however, as I received prototype moulds from Chapter House due to my timely requests. I've drilled out the axle/pegs/hinges on the base over there on the upper right because it wasn't long enough as it was. So now that those have been through the drill press, I've got to mount all 7 with some plastic tubing, cut to size.

From Craftworld Cay'den, I've got a box of assorted Out of Production (OOP) models; excluding the Land Speeder, of course. They all need a little loving, but there are some great 2nd edition models in there that I'd love to slip into my forces :) I'd also like to cast some of those oil drums with the new rules for them as terrain, and with a new Dark Angels codex on the way, I may prepare Azrael for a new home. Ezekiel, on the other hand, I'm going to integrate into my Fists. He just needs his Dark Angels icon ground off his book and he's good to go.

And finally, my Stormraven. this is the one that I won from Brian at A Gentleman's Ones. As you can see, most of it is together. I've also decided to go ahead and paint it up for my Fists rather than Blood Angels or Grey Knights. As someone pointed out to me, if I paint the crew as Techmarines (as they should be) then I can simply mask off the canopies and repaint it later if I need to. Craftworld Cay'den has also helped me out in a huge way by magnetizing the 'raven for easy storage. So, just needs some finishing work, then it'll be in the air, delivering pissed off vets to dish out the pain!

Here she is magneted together. These are only but a few of the things I have to put together, but I figure it's good to prioritize and set some goals for myself. I'll try to post more updates as well as model reviews once I get these worked on and completed.


  1. Brilliant! I am pleased to hear the Stormraven is getting Fistified.

    Apart from that... wow. You've got a lot on your plate. This is a great post. I always pressure myself to post only when I've got something completed (or near it anyway), but always actually enjoy the WIP posts so much more.

    p.s. I genuinely haven't forgotten that email. Thank you for your patience.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Brian :)

    Well, most of my stuff is still grey. I have no talent for painting nor a desire to cultivate one, so I thought I'd settle for what I'm doing with modeling for the time being :)

    Thought for a moment about pestering you again the other day, but then thought better of it. ;)