Model Review

Bitspudlo's Flak Cannon Platform

Hmm... When looked at upside-down, a familiar profile appears...

Now, I've had my eye on Bitspudlo ever since I came across their alternative Razorback turrets thread on Dakka Dakka some time ago. They're a small studio located in Poland and they've been churning out some amazing resin kits. Today, we're going to look at the Flak Cannon Platform.

Right off the bat, you can tell this would make a great stand in for an Imperial Guard Hydra, as the base plate for it conveniently fits in the back hatch opening of a Chimera or a Rhino (wink wink). However, one with a keen eye might also have noticed that the cannons have a familiar shape to them as well. (Look at them upside down)

That's right, Dreadnought Twin-Linked Autocannons. At less than $11 (at the time of this writing) you can get yourself a nice set of resin Dreadnought Autocannons for your rifleman/psyfleman Dreadnoughts. To top that off, you have a decorative plate for a Chimera or Rhino and a couple of other odd bits as well. Not too shabby for the price of only 1 Forgeworld Dreadnought Autocannon.

I'll start by saying that I love the look of these. They have very nice crisp edges that compliment the angular design of Dreadnoughts. I prefer this over the curvier nature of the Forge World design. The barrels are also longer than the Mortis Autocannons offered by Forge World which I also appreciate because theirs always looked kind of stubby to me. All in all, they go fantastically with the Dreadnought model.

This guy looks ready to whoop some ass. (Not my dreadnought)

The kits I received were slightly warped, which I understand is entirely normal for resin kits. This was easily remedied by hitting them with a heat gun to soften the resin, straightening the barrels, and then cooling them under some running water. From there it's simply a matter of trimming a tiny bit of flash from the edges and it's ready to go. I'd like to note that there were some very small bubbles in the resin, but not in places where they'd be seen on the tabletop.

You can see how good they look and the obvious and amazing implications, but you're probably wondering, "What size Dreadnought arm pegs does it fit?" The brilliant sculptors at Bitspudlo are way ahead of you. They designed the holes for the pegs under size so that you can bore them out to whatever size you require.

Well, I suppose that's all I really have to say on them. They look really good and compliment the general aesthetic of the Dreadnought while being very affordable. I'm quite pleased with the 2 sets I have and am in the process of ordering a third set. Get your own at Bitspudlo right now and see for yourself. :)


  1. I have them and there great


    Glad you appreciate them also.

  2. Gotta say yours are much better looking than mine. Need to get some paint on them. Then I'll probably come back and swap the image in this article for one of mine :)

    Need to order one more set though. Then I'll have a mean anti-light tank setup going. :)