Tentative Schedule

I decided I'd put together a tentative schedule for the week in an effort to keep myself updating with a degree of frequency and to keep me on task. So, here's a basic outline of what will hopefully make it's way to the main page this week.
  • a fresh Battle Report (from Sunday 1/8/12)
  • some list previews for the upcoming team tournaments
  • a special list preview for the Onorevoli
  • a model review for the Stormraven (pending outside efforts)
  • a game review for Warhammer 40k: Space Marine
  • a book review for Horus Rising
I understand it's a little ambitious, but (homework permitting) I hope to have all of these done this week. It'll be quite nice to beef out some of the other sections of the blog with some fresh content. :) Wish me luck.


  1. Let's hear it for the Onorevoli!

  2. Indeed so. :) I'm looking at building 2 lists that will combine certain elements of what I had discussed with you. We'll have one go for speed and the other go for overwhelming force. I want those Iron Warriors DEAD! :P