Farseer Report: Summer 2014

Having had some time to soak in 6th edition, the new Space Marines codex, and even Sentinels of Terra, I have a good inclination as to what we may see next summer. Cities of Death!

As of right now my basis for this is admittedly somewhat specious. You see, when reading all of these recent publications, I came to wonder about the various abilities assigned to the Imperial Fists. One of their main focuses is on the destruction of buildings. It's part of their chapter tactics, and in Sentinels of Terra, a big part of their warlord traits and even their wargear. But why?

While bringing down a fortification may be handy once in a blue moon, it's hardly a common event. Games Workshop has already admitted that the books are written approximately a year in advance. Could it be that perhaps something is coming around the bend that better utilizes an army with whose abilities are so heavily stacked toward this?

Enter Cities of Death. With Apocalypse restructured and steaming forward, Summer would be a great time to move back to the smaller supplements and streamline them for 6th edition. Cities of Death would be a great first candidate and a fantastic rule set to blend with Warzone Armageddon III. When tables are covered in structures having an army, or armies by this point, that can smash them would be a fantastic asset. This period would also be a great way to start a yearly pattern of supporting the game with a major game expansions to entertain through the summer months, while trickling out minor ones as the year goes on.

At this point, that's all I really have to go on, but my gut says something's gotta give. What do you think?

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