Flash-Gitz Animation

Hey everyone. I thought I'd take some time to give Flashgitz some due coverage. If you haven't heard of these guys yet, you should definitely check them out. They have a hilarious weekly comic as well as some awesome cartoons on YouTube. However, none of their material is safe for work. I repeat, NSFW!

Now, you may have seen their popular videos like Space Hulk and the Trials of Draigo, but you've probably not yet come across newer projects or their comic. They have a great new IP of their own called Super Future that's slowly growing as well as some other great videos that endorse projects in the 40k community and some others that voice dissent of the players. These are all still super hilarious and you should definitely give them a look below and subscribe to their YouTube channel here.

Flashgitz' other great project Regular Marine is a weekly comic that follows the adventures of Space Marines Regulus and Marinus of the illustrious Ostrogoths chapter. Their adventures are increasingly insane and always funny and have seen everything from turning traitor to defeating the Avatar of Khaine, but never in a manner you'd expect. Again, I'll remind you that these are still mostly NSFW, so check them out when and where it's appropriate. You can find their comic here.

Strip #1

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