Battle Summary: Space Marines vs Dark Eldar

Here, I have my last recorded game with 5th edition Space Marines. Dustin and I played this match on the day we had a TV pilot recorded at The Haven. Unfortunately, it's not yet been picked up as far as I know. But, here's our fight anyway. This was, as you can tell some time ago now, so my summations will be brief based on what I remember.

 Here's our table set up with objectives, the glass beads, and some slick Necron-esque terrain. We picked the back corner of the game room as the lighting favored video recording and there would be space for a camera crew to maneuver. This would pay off later.

Another shot of the table.
 A shot of a packed game room on a weekday. Everyone had high hopes of being on TV and wanted to support the store for the taping, of course. ;)

 Dustin standing by with his deployed Dark Eldar.
 There was something hilarious about the dice I rolled in the middle, but what it is specifically escapes me.
 My attempt to turtle up without any viable terrain to hide in. I also tried out some Shooty Terminators this game. Big mistake.
 My Land Raider is cooked turn one by a slew of Lances. My lack of night visibility means the Dark Eldar are able to move up without any threat of retaliation.
 I manage to knock out the raider, but I'm completely open to bikes with blades and cluster caltrops.
 My Terminators move up to where the crater from the Land Raider is for some cover.
Some quick shots of the other armies that were playing that day.

 Back to my game. Things aren't looking so good for the Imperial Fists.
 I'm suffering pretty badly at this point. The splinter racks on the raiders demolish the Terminators with weight of fire, and my abysmal rolling.
 The Stromraven arrives to lay down some fire, but things are mostly decided by this point.
 Dustin finishes off my ground forces in what we both agree is a sound defeat. Kudos to him for the butt whooping he handed out.

Well, there's the last recorded game I have with the old marine codex. I'm hugely grateful for all of the flexibility that the new codex offers. I think it may be time for a rematch :)

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