The Big Game III Spokane: A Big Writeup

Well, a couple months on and the dust has long since settled. The Big Game III was a major success and everyone involved had a blast. Being relatively new to Apocalypse despite a 5 year tenure in 40k, I made the decision to get some help running the game. Now, to say help run the game is a bit of an over statement of my duties. I helped to set up and organize the event, but with the little to no experience I had, I didn't want folks looking to me for answers in how to work the game.

Enter my gracious team leaders, Stephen Mark and Mark Studor. In the absence of the store owner, Bob Kelly, these two gentlemen stepped up and took on leadership of the two teams for the day. The got the teams balanced, the players organized, and got us through the full 3 turns of the game in time for dinner. Wow! Pretty fantastic for something they jumped into on short notice. With two large teams, the whole game room to ourselves, access to the store's reserves of Super-heavies (courtesy of Bob), a catered lunch of delicious sandwiches (from Sparky's Firehouse Subs), and our great team leaders, we had everything we needed to have a blast!

But don't take my word for it. Check out the video below done through GrimDorks. After that, have a look at all the great photos of the event that my dad snapped for us.

Our two gracious team leaders making a quick check on the rules.

The excellent miniature gaming room at The Gamer's Haven

The Chaos side of the table with one of the stores awesome Reaver Titans.

The Imperial side of the table. The fight is heating up.

Chaos Reaver from the front.

The forces of disorder are all dug in.

Stompas engaged!

Supa-Chicken watching over the Chaos side.

The fight on the East end heats up.


The immortal Phantom Titan.

Havenites representing!

Reasonable Marines, I think.

Ecclesiarchy Baneblade.

Store's loyalist Reaver.

The most plague infested loyalist tank there ever was ;)

While everyone largely gave as good as they got, it was a blood bath. The forces of Chaos really took the initiaive and got onto the objectives early. The Imperial forces couldn't budge them and had many of their super-heavies explode along their lines. These two factors made for a tough, uphill battle. In the end, the day belongs to the Chaos/Xenos forces with a final score of 15 to 8.
IMPERIAL 0 2 0 3 1 2 8
XENOS 4 2 3 2 2 2 15

That being said, everyone had a great time. We set what I'm fairly certain are new store records for an Apocalypse game, and many players said they'd enjoy participating again next year. The drop of the new Apocalypse book has also built enough interest to start a small Apocalypse club at the store. I intend to read through the new rules, myself so that next year I can have a bigger stake in the event. We set out to join in on the world record and came in at nearly 70,000 points!

Imperil Team Total
            Points                 Miniatures          Vehicles
 33901 531 83
Xenos Team Total
Points Miniatures Vehicles
35591 570 55

Following are some of my own more amateur photos. Have another look at the blast we had and stay tuned for next year's details!

The tables at setup. Turnout was so great, we needed an extra one!

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