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White Dwarf mystery

As you've no doubt noticed, I've not been updated in quite some time. Fortunately, I've made enough headway with my other duties that I can begin to post some fresh articles. I've got 2 Battle Reports, an interesting bit on 40k Metrics, and some new and interesting list previews that I hope to have done this week. So, keep an eye out for those and do feel welcome to offer feedback on any of them. :)

In other news, there have been pictures floating about of a hidden message shown on the side of this year's White Dwarf magazines when the spines are aligned. Now, upon inspection, the image appears to be a Dark Angel. Many believe this to be a confirmation that Dark Angels will be the starter army of 6th Edition. However, I wonder if it could be a mural of the Space Marine legions. Seeing as how the Dark Angels are the 1st legion, it would follow that they'd come first in a display. Time will ultimately tell, either way, but I thought it interesting to look at it from a slightly different perspective. :)

And in other news, the little birdy who I get my own rumors from has informed me that the 'leaked' 6th Edition rules that went out in the last month are, in fact, fake. This leaves me quite crestfallen, though I've just received my Razorback Turret sets from Chapter House Studios; those should provide ample distraction from my new-rules-woes. :)

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