News: The Lord Inquisitor

For those who haven't yet heard, The Lord Inquisitor is a fanimation short film that takes place in the Warhammer 40k universe. The trailer above was done by only a handful of dedicated fans and compiled by one person. They hope to have the full version of the movie done in another year or so, but that's not what this post is really about.

What I really wanted to bring up was that Games Workshop, in a move so kind to the fans as to seem odd, has approved the animation. Work on the remainder of the film is now beginning the slow grind back up to speed because of the news. It's really great that they've been given the go ahead to continue working on it. After the huge flop that was 'Ultramarines', it's awesome to see them endorsing something truly good and done by the fans. It gives me great hope for how interaction may occur with the jump to 6th edition this summer. Maybe we can get some FAQ's that actually pertain to real questions in the community.

Back from that tangent, there is something you can do for the animation.They are looking for help writing, modeling, animating, and with voice work. So, if you have the time and the talent, feel free to step forward. The community would be forever grateful for any efforts you can extend towards the project.

In general news, I've gotten the Battle Report up today, the Onorevoli lists will be up tomorrow, and the Stormraven review will be postponed as my magnetizing expert has run into a road block. I do hope to have a the book review for Horus Rising as well as the Review for Space Marine up by the end of the week as well. Also, next week's Battle Report will be extra special. Stay tuned for more...

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